Get a clear understanding of payment structures!

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Get a clear understanding of payment structures!

When choosing the right architectural specialist, there are some key issues you need to think about. In this article, we’ll take you through some key facts.

Different architectural specialists will operate very different fee structures. Some will charge based on time spent, others will charge a single, flat rate as per quote (usually for smaller jobs).

If you have a large project, we recommend that you split the payments to reflect what the different stages of your project are:

It would normally be: 

  1. The pre-planning/design stage – which can cover primitive development, because sometimes you don’t need planning permission.
  2. Another small fee on top of that would be if I were actually to submit it to planning, including more detailed drawings.
  3. Building Control – which is a requirement before the build starts.

We recommend that you prepare a sort of ‘fee timeline’ document, giving an overview of whole costings. And because usually quotes are a fixed price, that are not going to change.

We also suggests other professionals you might want to use:

These might include for example, structural engineers. Ask them to give you a guide price of what these people are likely to cost, as well, just so you have a rough overall picture early on and doesn’t get any nasty surprises in the end.

Whatever payment structure an architectural specialist suggests, never pay the full amount upfront (unless you are paying the whole amount through because we alway hold your payment until the work is done and you are happy for us to release the payment to the worker).

When you are paying cash to your tradesmen/helper, full payment shouldn’t be made until the project is completely finished, and you’ve inspected it to make sure you’re happy with the work done. Also check out Present these key questions to your architect.

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