Which type of architectural specialist is right for your project?

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Which type of architectural specialist is right for your project?

When choosing the right architectural specialist, there are some key issues you need to think about. In this article, we’ll take you through some key facts.

There are several professional groupings that fall into Helpers.ie architectural specialist category. Not everyone is a chartered architect, and it’s important you understand the main differences between these groups so you can choose the specialist that best suits your project.

In our view, if it’s a complex project that requires a lot of design input, you’d be better off hiring a fully qualified architect:

We do think that is a good indication that the person is competent to do a good job. An average Joe architect down the road might able to do a great drawing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can design a house!

That isn’t to say that a technician can’t do a standard extension, for example. The key thing is for the homeowner to clearly explain what they’re looking for at an early stage, so the tradesmen also known as “helpers” can see the scope and complexity of the work they’re quoting you on. Also check out Get a clear understanding of payment structures!

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