Contract Template Downloads

We suggest that you should always sign a written contract with your contractor, it can be difficult to know where to get started. In case of a dispute a signed copy of contract maybe requested. helpers.ie forms of contract can be downloaded by clicking here

Working with your supplier/helper the right way.

Having a solid contract is important, but it doesn’t replace the need for a good working relationship with your supplier/helper. Even with a contract in place, there can still be miscommunications and misunderstandings. Supplier/helper hiring guides have detailed advice on how to avoid these issues and what to do if it you encounter them.

Contract Templates – If you decide that you do need a written contract, it can be difficult to know where to get started. Standard forms of contract can be downloaded here

Make sure to agree on these terms!

There are several terms you may want to consider agreeing on before works start. These include but are not limited to:

  • A description of the works Be specific about what you want. If you agree to your mixer taps being replaced but the type or brand is not specified, suppliers/helpers could be within their rights to replace your mixer taps with any model they choose.
  • The cost – It may seem obvious, but agreeing the cost alongside the description of the works means that there can be no dispute as to what is being paid for. It also provides an easy reference point should alterations need to be made in future.
  • The payment terms – Agree how much is to be paid and when payment is due. Will you be paying for materials up front? Does the suppliers/helpers require a deposit? When and how should the final bill be paid? Are stage payments appropriate and, if so, when will each payment be due? Agreeing payment terms up front will help to avoid any disputes later on.
  • The tradesman’s responsibilities – Do you need the tradesman to clear up at the end of the job? If you have children is it important for tools to be securely stored away? Agreeing details like these will help both you and the tradesman know exactly what is expected before work starts.
  • Your responsibilities – Of course this works both ways. You may agree to allow the suppliers/helpers access to the property between particular hours of the day or to use certain facilities in the property. If heavy objects need to be moved prior to the job, will this be your responsibility or that of the suppliers/helpers? Discussing your responsibilities with the suppliers/helpers will reduce the likelihood of nasty surprises later on.
  • Alterations – If a situation dictates that changes must be made to the original terms or description of works, make sure to confirm this in writing and get signatures if you can. By keeping a copy of the agreed amendments along with the original contract, you can refer back to this should any dispute arise. Try to pay as much attention to detail to the alterations as you did to the original description.
  • Defects – suppliers/helpers sometimes offer guarantees on their work and/or materials. If they don’t, you should consider confirming which defects they would return to fix and the cost of those works. You should also agree on an appropriate length of time for this offer to stand.

What is a “Mutual Assent”?

Mutual Assent is a formal way of saying that both of you agree to the same thing. “Mutual Assent” should contain both of the following:

  • A ‘Quote’ (for example, a plumber may ‘Quote’ to replace and refit your mixer taps).
  • AnAcceptance’ (you agree to pay for the works detailed and you both agree to the terms).

What to do in case of a dispute?

Projects are often complex and mistakes can be made on both sides. In the unfortunate event of a dispute, we first suggest that you discuss any problems with your service provider directly and try to work out a solution that suits you and your provider/helper.

If you have kept a written log of the project, offer evidence and examples to support your claims. It may also help to refer back to relevant points in the contract, if one was drawn up.

Be fair and allow your provider/helper to respond to your points and fix any faults. Most provider/helper want their customers to be happy with their work and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably and to your satisfaction.

However, if you are unable to resolve an issue directly with your provider/helper, you might want to seek further help or advice.

If you would like to read on making a complaint against the website Helpers.ie please read our complaint policy here.

Trade Associations

Check if your provider/helper belongs to a trade association or professional body. In many cases, these organisations will have an established complaints process in case of any problems. Contact the appropriate organisation to confirm the tradesman’s membership and to ask for guidance.

Citizens Advice

If your tradesman is not a member of a trade organisation, try contacting Citizens Advice who provide help and advice to consumers through a national telephone service and local offices. Citizens Advice also explains your rights when having building work or home improvements done through their self help.

Independent Mediation

You may be able to resolve your dispute through independent mediation. Mediation would give you and your tradesman the chance to find a solution to your problem with the help of an independent third party. Contact your local Citizens Information Centre for more details about how to find a local mediator.

If you are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you might want to consider starting legal proceedings. Legal action can be a costly and time-consuming process, and should only be used as a last resort.

How can I leave feedback?

To create an honest and safe Helpers.ie community, we request all members to leave honest and reliable feedback solely based on their experience after every transaction.

To leave feedback, please go to your Dashboard page and click on ‘My Jobs‘. On that page click on ‘Completed Jobs‘ there you will locate the job you like to leave feedback for, click on ‘Work Room Icon‘ for that particular job. There you will see the Feedback’ option on a page once ‘Overview‘ tab is selected.

By pressing that option you can leave Positive, Neutral or Negative feedback along with your comments.

Should I pay before getting the work done or after?

To secure your chosen service provider, you are required to make a full deposit payment into your Helpers.ie account, the employee you will hire will also be able to see the payment being deposited into your Helpers.ie account, this gives them a peace of mind.

Remember, you only release the payment after the work is done to your satisfaction as explained in your contract prior to you hiring your employee.

Please Note: You do not pay your provider more than the amount of the quote you accept and never pay cash before the work is fully completed.

  • Contact service providers

After depositing funds and securing your chosen service provider, we will then email you the contact details of your selected provider. You can also access these contact details via your dashboard page, by clicking the ‘Accepted/Feedback’ tab. It is at this point that you should contact your employee to make further arrangements for your job accomplishment.

It’s up to the employee/supplier to get in contact with you; however we advise that you contact the employee/supplier directly to ensure contact.

Having received confirmation and details of your preferred employee/supplier from Helpers.ie, all further communication is between you and the supplier only.

  • Communication

To help your job go smoothly we advise you to keep in constant communication with your chosen employee/supplier until your job is completed. All contact information for the supplier you have chosen will be displayed in your dashboard page and will also be sent to you via email.

Should you encounter any problems contacting your provider, contact our customer service department and we will contact the employee/supplier for you.

  • Liability of Insurance

It is a mandatory requirement for suppliers registered on Helpers.ie to make sure they have a valid insurance for work they are going to carryout. Some suppliers may also have additional levels of insurance cover.

Providers can state their level of insurance cover on their profiles and this can be seen on the right hand side of the profile.

Please Note: Helpers.ie will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any claim of liability. All claims of liability will be taken directly with the supplier or their insurance which exempts helpers.ie from any involvement in such claims.

What should I look for in my supplier/helper?

To help you choose a right supplier/helper to complete your job, there are a number of things to look out for on their profiles.

Besides their Quote price, these include:

Their Feedback Score – Based on the positive, negative and neutral feedback comments they have received after completing their previous jobs.

Number of Recommendations – The number of customers who recommend using your potential provider/supplier/helper.

Insurance Cover – Providers can state whether they have insurance and state their level of cover on their profile (this should always be checked face to face in person before the tradesman/helper starts work on your project/job).

Previous Customer Feedback – You can read detailed written feedback from previous customers.

How can I remove or withdraw my job listing?

 If you no longer require the work being carried out, you can close your job listing at any time. To close a listing, go to your My Jobs page and locate your listing in question under ‘Open Jobs‘ and click the cross sign to ‘Close’. You will then be asked to confirm it.

If you find that you no longer require the services for your listing please be sure to close it. This will ensure suppliers/helpers save time and money, as they won’t be quoting on listings that aren’t needed.

How do I edit/change my job listing?

You can edit your listing at any time. If you edit a listing before you receive any quotes then the ad will remain the same.

However, if you edit your listing after quotes have already been placed then those suppliers will be sent an email notifying them that the listing has been amended. All quotes prior to the amendments will no longer be legally binding. However, all suppliers will have the opportunity to resubmit their quotes.

Although suppliers/helpers are notified about the edits you have made to your listing, we still recommend messaging them directly and informing them about what you have changed.


How to list a job?

Listing a job on Helpers.ie is straightforward, fast and FREE process.

Customers can list as many jobs as they wish and are under no obligation to accept any quote/proposal from any supplier.

To list a job click here or click the ‘Post A Job’ link on the homepage.

The one page listing process consists of:

  • Step 1: Select a title for the job.
  • Step 2: Enter the details and upload images or documents, where appropriate.
  • Step 3: Enter the job location and the area where work needs to be carried out.
  • Step 4: Select one or more skills required for the job.
  • Step 5: Select job visibility and type.
  • Step 6: Pick available budget.
  • Step 7: Ask any questions that you may have so works can answer with their quotes, this is optional.
  • Step 8: check promote your listing box, this is also optional, however; promoted listings receive a lot more quotes.
  • Step 9: Submit the job listing and you are done, it’s that easy!

After the job is listed, all relevant service Providers who are interested in your listing will be alerted.

They are alerted because their preferences match your listing in one of the following ways:

     1. The nature your job skills required for example Plumber.

     2. Your location for example Rathmines, Dublin.

If you changed your mind after all and have decided not to get the job done, please remove the listing as soon as possible, this then saves the suppliers from sending unnecessary quotes. The remove link is located in ‘My Jobs’ under ‘Open Jobs’.

  • Uploading Photos or Documents

We strongly advise customers to list jobs with images or documents if possible. This will increase the amount of quotes you’ll receive and it also gives suppliers a clearer idea of the job required.

Adding images or documents is ‘Step 2′ in the listing a job process. Images/documents compatible with Helpers.ie include JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs and common document formats.

If you have any problems uploading an image/documents please contact Helpers.ie live support.

  • Job Details

Customers are encouraged to enter as much detail as possible when posting a job in order to avoid any confusion over the listing and to ensure the cheapest possible quote.

  • Using“Invite Workers”

We also offer “Invite Workers” option, which is an alternative to the traditional reverse auction. This is a quick, hassle-free alternative to waiting for quotes and liaising back and forth with potential suppliers/helpers about your job.

To obtain the ‘Invite Workers’ option, simply list an item the same way you normally would. Once your listing is posted, you will be eligible for ‘Invite Workers’, within seconds simply click on a supplier/helper profile that you are interested in and click the ‘Invite Worker’  button located at top right hand side of the page. It will show you all the jobs you posted you can select the job you want to invite the supplier/helper for and you are done.

Your selected supplier/helper will give you their quote price and If you are happy with their price, simply click ‘Hire Now’. You will be prompted to deposit full payment and we will then allocate that supplier/helper to complete your service/job. You will be emailed the service/job details so you are able to communicate with your supplier/helper directly.

Click here to browse suppliers/helpers profiles 

How do I remove my listing from Helpers.ie?

If a job you posted doesn’t need to be carried out after all, you can remove your listing from the site at any time.

To remove a listing, go to your ‘Dashboard’ page and click on ‘My Jobs’ under the ‘Open Jobs’ simply close the desired listing. You will then be asked to confirm the closure of that listing.

If you do not accept a quote within 28 days, your listing automatically expires, however if you still need to get the job done after the expiration date it can be relisted.

To list a job for FREE click here

How do I ensure my supplier/helper is trustworthy?

To ensure our customers have a safe, mutually beneficial community we have created a feedback recommendation rating system.

Based on factors such as “Completed Jobs” and “Customer Feedback Ratings, suppliers receive a positive rating percentage, which can be used to gauge their reliability and performance.

All feedback scores and previous comments can be freely seen on a customer’s profile page.

All service providers on Helpers.ie are required to complete their profile and go through a process before being allowed to obtain jobs. However, we strongly suggest that you also do your own due diligence.

Click here to browse suppliers/helpers profiles 

How do I accept a Quote?

To accept a bid/quote, click on ‘My Jobs’ and select that particular job, once you’re on the job page, scroll down to the quote you’re interested in and click on ‘Hire Now’ button to hire that particular worker.

Upon hiring you will be required to deposit the funds into your pending balance until the job is done.  Funds placed under ‘On hold payment’ can also be seen by the worker. 

Your funds will be securely held by Helpers.ie under ‘On hold payment’ until the job is complete and you are happy to release the funds in your workers available balance.

To list a job for FREE click here


How do I change my Email notifications?

To manage the frequency of the notifications you receive, click on Settings’ however, we currently have the notifications settings under testing mode therefore those settings cannot be changed at the moment.

Remember you will always receive email notifications by default when:

  • You receive a message from a supplier/helper;
  • You accept a bid/quote;
  • You also have the option of being sent an email notification;
  • When a new bid/quote is received on one of your job listings;
  • When a bid is withdrawn on one of your job listings;
  • When your job listing is about to expire;

The notifications are in place for your convenience so the more notifications you receive, the better understanding you’ll have of all activity.

To list a job for FREE click here

When and who do I need to pay?

The amount you are quoted on Helpers.ie, is the total amount you pay for the job. There are no hidden extras or separate VAT charges. Supplier’s quotes are also all inclusive of all the services they offer. 

At the time of hiring you must deposit funds in your account under ‘On hold payment’ the funds will be held securely by Helpers.ie until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Once the job is complete you will receive a request from your supplier/worker to release the funds in their available balance. Please go to your ‘Work Room’ to take this action.

Please Note: You must not release the funds until you are 100% satisfied with the work that has been carried out. 

To list a job for FREE click here

How can I receive more quotes?

There are a few ways in which you can increase the number of quotes you receive. 

First, giving as much detail as possible about the job/service you need done, this will provide service providers with a clearer idea of whether they have the correct skills to complete the required job.

Entering details along with photos/documents where possible, will all help you to receive more quotes.

Secondly, promote your listing. Listings that are promoted receives a lot more attention and attract a lot more workers as compare to other basic listings. 

Inviting workers to quote will also help increase the number of quotes you receive as you may make your listing more visible to appropriately matched suppliers who hadn’t previously seen it.

To list a job for FREE click here

How do I get FREE quotes?

Getting quotes on Helpers.ie is easy. Simply post what, where and when you need it done along with your min – maximum budget for the required service/job. This will then create a listing on the site.

Listing basic jobs is completely FREE, and can be done in a matter of seconds. Feel free to list as many basic jobs as you wish (do not post the same job twice at the same time) and rest assured that you are under NO obligation to accept any of the bids/quotes you receive from potential suppliers/candidates/employees also known as helpers.

To list a job for FREE click here