Need to restore your pine floor? Read this…

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Need to restore your pine floor? Read this…

Let’s start this post by asking you a question, have you discovered floorboards under your carpet?

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth having them sanded and restored to make them your flooring of choice?

In this post we will also discuss the factors to consider when deciding is it worth restoring your old pine flooring?

First of all there are a few important things to consider, the aim of this short guide is to help you choose whats right for you.

To many people it may seem obvious but before you do anything ask yourself this question, which type of floor covering you would prefer, soft or hard?

Let us tell you, do not make your decision based on price, we often find that a full restoration can often turns out cheaper to complete than buying and fitting a mid-range carpet.

After all, you have to live in a comfort of your home, therefore you must have what you want!

As a homeowner, your skills are limited when it comes to flooring’s unless you happen to be a flooring specialist by trade.

If you are not, then either have a flooring specialist professional look at the condition of the floor of else post a good few photos with your floor restoration ad on, you can also post your questions in the form section of

On the odd occasion, flooring specialist’s come across floors that are ‘too far gone’ to restore.

Need to restore your pine floor Read this......-

This may be due to plumbing works or electricians cutting and breaking boards, woodworm or even dampness.

Such floors are unsafe due to the beams underneath being weak, this causes much more expense and needs to be taken into consideration.

While boards can be replaced with reclaimed timber, these will look different to the original boards when sanded because they will have come from a different tree, from a different forest in a different country.

Having a flooring specialist professional see the floor will help your decision on if it’s worth having your pine floor sanded and restored or not.

It’s more than likely that your pine floor is in good enough condition to be sanded and restored.

We would always suggest having a flooring specialist professional do the work because its a restoration job and the result will be far better.

Nevertheless, if that is not an option for you then we suggest you talking to flooring guys at your local DIY store such as Woodies or B&Q they will guide you how to go about it, they may be able to hire a machine to you if you fancy doing DIY restoration yourself.

Is it worth restoring a pine floor?

Yes it is, and also to have the gaps between the boards all filled up!

There are so many advantages to this one being done, it will not only help to insulate your room from drafts but it also makes the floor look much nicer as you are effectively turning the floor into a solid wood floor.

Need to restore your pine floor Read this...

Restoring a pine floor!

Before your start on restoration its important to select the right type of finish to use.

There are basically two types of wood floor finish:

  • Polyurethane (varnishes)
  • Oils.

Polyurethane is a ‘topical finish’, that is it sits on the top of the wood like any paint providing a resilient clear protective layer and is easy to maintain.

Oil is a ‘penetrating finish’, it flows into the pores of the wood protecting it from the inside.

If it’s a quality wood floor oil, it will also form a cross-linking layer on the surface for extra protection.

Both of these finishes (Polyurethane or Oil) can be applied over a colour to give you floor even more character.

In the end whichever way you decide to go, DIY or hiring an flooring specialist on, we advise you to post photos of your flooring along with your ad so you can get a proper advice before the work starts.

Remember its free to post an ad on and you receive no obligation quotes along with a professional advice and after all, the more information you have the better.

Need to restore your pine floor Read this...


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