Things Handymen Won’t Tell You But Every Homeowner Should Know!

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Things Handymen Won’t Tell You But Every Homeowner Should Know!

How to find the most trustworthy handyman for the job, the household things you can fix yourself, and your handyman’s biggest pet peeve.

Things Handymen Won’t Tell You But Every Homeowner Should Know!

Jack of all trades

We spoke to Jordan, a handyman from Blackpool Co, Cork he says: If a handyman tells you that he can “do it all,” that’s a red flag. You may see a guy who advertises on his van that he mows grass, paints, does renovations, builds houses and so on. That’s not the guy you want to hire.

Unless its a proper company that employs different people of different skills and trades. Actually, a sure sign that you can trust is to check a tradesman/helper profile on the site that will give you a clear idea whether if its a single individual handyman is after selecting lots of different skills categories to try being a jack of all trades or whether its a company with a team of different people with different skills to do the job as per their skill.

However, if the job is small enough for one person, try finding one tradesman/helper who is expert in that particular category of work that you need done.

Try it yourself first

Jordan recommend before you post an ad on about your clogged sink or shower drain, try a plunger. It does not require you to take anything apart, and often it does the trick in just a minute or two. However if the problem is serious and you have tried plunging it already then go ahead and post the ad here.

Watch out for Handymen Cowboys

Beside others the main advantage of hiring a handyman from is that he/she’s usually screened and trained and has a reputation on the site that they need to maintain in order to find work online says; Jordan.

On the other hand if you find a cowboy handyman in yellowpages or through other conventional adverts, once job is done if you face a problem after they are gone it’s very hard to contact them to come and look at the problem. Them cowboys don’t care much about the quality of their work, they have no online reputation to maintain and you almost always end up paying a higher price.

We charge more when we’re really busy

Call it unfair or whatever you like but I may give you a different price than the one I gave someone else for the same job. Why? Almost all of us handymen charge more when we’re really busy. Or if I go into a house and it’s positively filthy, I’ll raise the price just because I don’t want to work there. So keeping you place tidy has its advantages.  

That’s another advantage that you have when booking online on all you have to do is make sure the description is really clear about the work that needs carrying out and take good few photos of it and chat to the handyman who quoted you and provide him more photos as needed before finalising on the quote and closing the deal on so you don’t get ripped off on the site because handymen can see other handyman’s quote and we can give a cheaper quote if they are trying to charge more.

Ask before you throw things away

Before you throw something out, ask whether a handyman you are interested in hiring can repair it. I’ve fixed broken doors and window frames, furniture, toys, and even a medical bed for a lady in Co, Kildare. One time, my next door neighbor put his lawn mower out on the curb and headed to B&Q for a new one. I rescued and fixed it before he got home with the replacement.

Ask if you can help out

On a budget? No problem! When posting your ad on just put that in your description and ask if there is any way you can help out in exchange for a lower quotation price. Even if you’re not handy, a handyman may reduce his rate on a big job if you can haul materials for him or if you are willing to clean up the work mess at the end of each day. If you have the experience and you are looking for some extra helper mention that in your ad so that way you will get a cheaper price because a handyman will know the fact that his work will be done together with another experienced individual!

We’re always learning

Sometimes I still have to look up how to do something before I do a job. A good handyman stays up to date on new products and trends and is always open to learning something new.

It’s a red flag if we ask to be paid in cash before work

If a handyman asks to be paid in cash before he completes his work, he may not be legitimate says Jordan. I would never ask for the payment in advance. I usually requests the payment through which goes towards my Pending Work Balance and is not released to me until I have done the job and client is satisfied. After the client leaves the feedback allows me to either withdraw the money into my bank account for free or else forward it to my PayPal account. I find getting paid through the site much smoother and hassle free.

However there is nothing wrong in getting paid in cash after work either, it’s just not my cup of tea. Make sure before you pay your handyman you have fully inspected the work your handyman carried out and you are happy with the results. Don’t forget to leave the feedback reflecting your true experience, it really helps us handymen to better ourselves and others to make wiser choices when hiring!

We’ll charge you for extra jobs

Sure, I would be happy to fix your sticky door or tighten that faucet now that I’m here. But don’t act surprised when I charge you for it. We make a big part of our living from those “while you’re here” jobs. So try and mention all those “while you’re here” jobs while you’re posting the project on along with their photos and that way you will get a cheaper quote as part of your complete work.

Keep your pets away

I am an animal lover I love all sorts of pets but not all handymen share the same love for pets. Please do something with your dog or your beloved cat and I don’t mean lock them in the bedroom, where the dog will bark continuously and the cat will start knocking things down. If you are busy and cannot play with them then see if someone can keep your pet for the day or until the work is finish.

Tell your friends about us

After we finish the job, beside receiving a positive feedback about your experience on we handymen love it when someone tells us that their friend or neighbour recommended us to them especially when that ends up securing another job after a sending them quotation on

Please do recommend us to your neighbours, family and friends word of mouth is great for our reputation as well as our economy.



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