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Architectural Services

Blueprint: A reproduction of a technical drawing. In this context the original drawing will usually have been produced by an architectural specialist or engineer.

Building Control: A legal requirement that must be obtained before carrying erecting, extending or significantly altering a building. Building control officers (also known as building control surveyors/building inspectors) are usually based within local authority building control departments.

CAD (computer-aided design): CAD software – typically used by architects, engineers, drafters and artists – is used to create precise technical drawings. It can produce both two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional models.

Conservation Area: An area designated by the local authority to be of special historical or architectural significance, in which certain developments may be restricted.

Construction Drawings: As known as working drawings or contract drawings, these accurately describe the location, design and dimensions of a project – as well as the relationships between elements within it.Drafting: The creation of technical drawings, blueprints and plans.

Feasibility Study: A preliminary exploration carried out before complex projects to assess their viability.

Floor Plan: A scale diagram of the layout of rooms in a building.

Professional Indemnity: Insurance which protects a business in cases of professional negligence.

Survey Drawings: Accurate plans of land, structures and buildings, usually drawn up by specialist surveyors.


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