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Bathroom Fitting Trade/Language Jargon

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Bathroom Fitting Trade/Language Jargon


Back-to-wall: A toilet or bidet where the pan is fitted directly to the wall, with the pipework or cistern concealed behind a wall.

Bar: The unit that water pressure is measured in.

Bottle trap: A unit which sits under a basin and holds water, as a barrier to gasses coming back through the pipes.

Close-coupled WC: A toilet where the cistern sits directly behind the pan, usually controlled with a button flush.

En-suite: A bathroom immediately adjoining a bedroom.

Extractor fan: Also known as a hood, an inbuilt fan that hangs above the cooker and removes heat, grease, and particles and vents them outside. In bathrooms, extractor fans can fit into the wall or a window to help expel steam.

MDF: Medium Density Fibreboard. An engineered wood substance, made of wooden fibres combined with resin under high pressure.

Mixer shower: A shower that mixes water from your hot and cold supply in a valve before it reaches the shower head.

Monoblock mixer tap: A single tap which only requires one inlet, mixing water from the hot and cold supply.

Pedestal basin: A sink that sits atop of a matching column, which typically hides the pipework underneath.

Pillar taps: Traditional separate hot and cold taps for baths and basins.

Pop-up waste: A type of plughole where the plug cover lifts out, connected by a hidden mechanism to a lever behind the tap.

Power shower: A mixer shower that uses an integral pump to increase the rate of flow from the shower head.

Rainforest shower: A shower with a large head that spreads the water over a large area.

Snagging: An expression for all the small issues left over at the end of a construction project. Typically a homeowner will identify snags which the tradesman will rectify to complete the job.

Thermostatic shower: A mixer shower with a preset thermostat that detects changes in water temperature to adjust it.

Vanity unit: A unit made up of cupboards or drawers beneath a basin.

Wall hung toilet: A toilet attached to the wall with a gap underneath, chosen for its streamlined style and easy of cleaning underneath.


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