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Bricklaying Trade/Language Jargon

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Bricklaying Trade Language Jargon


Air brick: A perforated brick that is built into a wall to increase ventilation.

Bat: A cut brick.

Brickie: Trade nickname for a bricklayer.

Brick saw: A power tool used for cutting concrete, bricks and other materials. More often referred to as a grinder by tradespeople.

Capstone: A finishing stone that forms the top of a column or wall.

Coping: A flat stone used as a cap on walls or around the perimeter of patios, pools and ponds etc.

Course: A single layer of bricks.

Header: The end face of a brick.

Lintel: A horizontal beam supporting a wall above a door or window.Mortar: Material used to bond bricks, made up of cement or lime, an aggregate such as sand, and water.

Pointing: Filling the joints of brickwork or masonry with mortar.

Quoin: Both the corner of a wall, and the particular blocks used to make up the corner, sometimes only there for decorative purposes.

Stretcher: The long face of a brick.

Stretcher bond: This simplest and most common form of bricklaying, where each course overlaps the one below with a single brick atop two others.


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