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Conservatories Trade/Language Jargon

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Abutment: The side of a conservatory that adjoins the existing house.

Argon: A noble gas used to fill the space between sheets of glass in some double glazed windows, chosen for its insulating properties.

Base wall: A low wall made up of a small number of brick courses at the bottom of a conservatory.

Crest: A decorative feature that can be used on a conservatory roof.

Edwardian conservatory: A square-shaped conservatory capped with an apex roof.

Full-fill cavity: A wall cavity that has been completely filled with insulation.

Joist: A horizontal beam, made of metal or wood, which can support a ceiling, wall or floor.

Lean-to-conservatory: A type of conservatory that attaches to a house, typically rectangular with a slanted roof.

Lintel: A horizontal beam supporting a wall above a door or window.

Party wall: A boundary between two properties over which both sides has legal rights.

PVCu: Previously known as uPVC – Polyvinyl Chloride (Unplasticised); a material that is used to make some conservatories, doors and windows. Alternatives are hardwood or aluminium.

RSJ: Rolled steel joist; used as a structural support across wide openings. Often referred to as ‘steels’. Can be required for a wide variety of uses including foundations, and in roof structures. The size and shape is usually specified by a structural engineer.

Sleeper wall: A low wall that supports ground floor joists.

Victorian conservatory: A conservatory with more than four sides and an apex roof, often topped with a crest.


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