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Electrical Trade Language/Jargon

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Breaker Panel: An electrical service panel containing circuit breakers.

ETCI: The ETCI, as the Irish National Committee of CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation, participates in the work of harmonising the rules for electrical installations which must be implemented by all countries concerned. More than half of the technical content of the Rules is now harmonised throughout the CENELEC region. Check out here for more information.

Cap: To close off an electrical or plumbing system.

Chase: A trench cut into plaster or masonry to make space for electrical cabling or pipework.

Circuit breaker: A device which automatically breaks an electrical circuit when a fault, such as a power surge, is detected.

Conduit: Sometimes called a duct, tubing typically made of metal or plastic, used to house cables.

Consumer Unit: Sometimes calls a Consumer Control Unit (CCU) or Consumer Distribution Unit, and commonly known as a fusebox – the central panel where incoming electricity connects to the home circuits.

Downlight: Also known as a recessed light or spotlight, a light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling.

EICR: Electrical installation condition report (EICR): A report that details the state of a property’s electrics.

RCD: Residual current device (RCD); a device in an electrical circuit which detects the difference in current between live conductors and disconnects them if their is a fault.

Spark or sparkie: Trade nickname for an electrician.


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