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How do I Complete my Profile as an Employer?

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How to Complete my Profile as an Employer?

Once you create your account as an Employer to hire help, we recommend that you complete your profile before posting an ad.

Completing your profile is ‘Not Mandatory, for employers. However; it helps workers to send you more quality and precise quotes.  If you upload your ‘Profile Picture’ and add ‘About Me’ that will makes your experience more personal, and relatable, therefore increasing quality quotes engagement.

Please follow the steps below to complete your profile

1. Log into your Account

2. Click on ‘My Profile’ located in the left menu

3. On your profile page you can edit ‘About Me’ by clicking ‘Edit Icon’ section located on top of you page

4. Click on ‘Profile Avatar’ if you would like to add photo of yourself, you can also change your cover photo by clicking on ‘Change Photo Cover’ 

Please Note:

We do not show your full name to other members your name is shown in the following format:

To protect your privacy ‘John Doe’ is shown like ‘John D’.

Although, our users can see their full name but other members can only see the first initial of your surname. 

If you have moved to a different City / County or Area and you would like to update your location you can do that by going to your ‘Profile’ and clicking on ‘Edit’ located next to your profile rating stars. 


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