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How Do I View My Transaction History?

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How do I view my transaction history on

We have designed as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for employers just as much as we did for our workers.

Whether you send the payment as an employer or you receive funds after a day of hard work, we all want to see our transaction history at some point and that’s why we designed a transaction history Log that tracks everything that goes out just as much as it does when any payment comes in.

Please follow the steps below to see your Transaction History.

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click on ‘My Wallet’ located in the left side menu

3. Click on a tab called ‘Transaction History’ located on top of the page

Please Note:

Select ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates to see transactions from a specific date and click ‘Go’ If you would like to download your statement please click on Download Statement.

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