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How to Delete a Job That is No longer Needed?

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How to delete a job on that is no longer needed?

A live job will continue to receive active quotes because of the way our algorithm is set up, it will continue to match your job(s) criteria with suitable workers that are local in your area and possess the right skills to carry it out. suggests you to close the job as long as it’s not needed to be carried out anymore.

Please follow the steps below to close your job

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click on ‘My Jobs’ in the left menu

3. Scroll down to locate ‘Open Jobs’ 

4. ‘Locate the job’ you wish to close

5. Click on the ‘X’ under Action column

6.  Click ‘OK’ once you are asked to confirm your action

Please Note:

If you have changed your mind after hiring the worker or the job is no longer necessary to be carried out please contact your worker before you send them job cancellation request.

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