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How to Fund the Job?

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How to Fund the Job? is a trusted platform to hire local workers. For the safety and security of your work we place the funds on hold up until the job is done and you are fully satisfied with their work.

Funding your job depends on the type of job you post.

There are two types of jobs you can post on 

1. Fixed Budget Job

To fund this job you will need to hire a worker as you will go through the hiring process requires you to fund the job in the end of your hiring process.

2. Hourly Budget Job

Unlike fixed budget jobs, you can hire worker(s) on hourly budget job without making the payment at the time of hiring however; before your worker(s) start work you need to fund the job for the entire hours you hired them for.

Remember your funds are not released up until the work has been carried out to your satisfaction and that you are happy to release the funds to your worker.  



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