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How to Message / Contact Workers?

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How to Message Workers Before Hiring?

How to Message Workers After Hiring?

There are a number of ways you can contact workers on, you can click on ‘Find Worker’ located in the top menu and then select the ‘worker from the list’ you’re trying to contact, if you are using this method you must have an ‘approved active job’ posted on your account that you are contacting the worker about. You will ‘select that job’ then ‘type and send’ your message.

If you would like to contact someone who sent you a quote you can simply go to that job page by clicking on my jobs and then select that job to open, once you are on the job page locate the person’s quote you would like to contact and you will see a button called ‘Send Message’ click that button and you will be able to type and send a message to that person.

If you need to contact a worker you already hired please follow the steps below

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click on ‘My Jobs’

3. Click on ‘Awarded Jobs’ tab located on top of the page

4. Locate and click on the ‘Job Title’ you wish to contact

5. Scroll down and locate the quote proposal attached with your job and click on ‘Send Message‘ 

6. In message centre simply type your message and once you’re done click ‘Send’ and our system will create a conversation and send your message to that worker.

Please Note:

As part of our Terms of Service you must keep all your communication through for your own records and security. If you are asked to deal outside please report that matter to our Compliance team and we will take an appropriate action as soon as possible. Never deal outside to prevent a potential scam.

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