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How to Raise a Dispute?

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How to open a dispute on

Although no one wants to go through the hassle of dealing with disputes, sometimes things don’t go as planned and raising the dispute is the only option left on the table.

However, we recommend you to work with the other party involved in your dispute and try to come to an amicable decision that works for you both.

Once the dispute is raised successfully, you can view your current disputes by visiting your ‘Resolution Centre’.

Disputes can only be raised on ‘Fixed Budget Jobs’ to raise a dispute on a fixed budget job please follow the steps below:

How to raise a dispute (as an Employer)

As an employer you can raise a dispute once you receive an ‘Invoice and Request for Payment’ from your Worker. 

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2.  Click on ‘My Jobs’ located in the left menu

3. Just below the awarded tab see the job you would like to raise the dispute for and click on the ‘Man Icon’ under Work Room.

4. Click on ‘Job Payments’ and

5. Click on ‘Dispute Payment’

6. Confirm by clicking ‘Dispute’ to raise a dispute 

How to raise a dispute (as a Worker)

After going through ‘Send Invoice and Request Payment’ if you haven’t been paid for the job that you carried out to your clients satisfaction, we suggest that you try contacting them before raising a dispute. However; if you believe that you have waited a generous amount of time these are the steps you will follow to initiate a dispute process.

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2.  Click on ‘My Jobs’ located in the left menu

3.  Click on ‘Awarded Jobs’ tab located in the left menu

4. In the action column click the option to raise a ‘Dispute’ 

5. Click to confirm the opening of ‘Dispute’ 

6. Click on ‘Dispute Payment’

7. Once the dispute is raised click on the ‘Dispute’ button again to go to the dispute page to start attribution and negotiation process with the other party involved in the dispute.

Please Note:

Sometime negotiations do not produce the results you hoped for and ceasing the communication is necessary to look for an alternative solution for your dispute attribution, if you face such problem you can forward the dispute to our ‘Disputes Team’ who will carefully review all the evidence provided by both parties and make the decision accordingly with Terms of Use to keep it as fair for both parties involved.


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