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How to Search for Jobs?

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How to Search for Jobs? designed it’s algorithm in a way that it does all the work for you on auto pilot.

One of our algorithm’s main task is to produce quality Job Alerts by matching ‘Employers location and skills’ they are looking for with ‘Workers Location and skills’ they are offering.

However, if you feel the need for manually searching for work this is how you do it.

1.  Click on ‘Find Jobs’ located on top of the page.

2. Select the ‘Job Type’ from the left menu to see jobs whether you select ‘Hourly Budget Jobs’ or ‘Fixed Budget Jobs’ if you’re interested in both you can leave it to ‘All’

3. Select the ‘Featured’ job option if you are interested in seeing only Featured Jobs

4. If there is any ‘Budget Specific Jobs’ that you’re looking for you can select the budget according to your desired budget

5. Time frame can also be selected if you only want to see new jobs you will select ‘Posted within 24 hours’

6. Depending on your City / County where you reside, pick the one that matches your City / County

7. Scroll the page back to the top and you will see another critical option to ‘filter out the skills’ that are relevant to ‘Your Skills’ which we believe is vital. Once done check the list and you will see the filtered job results based on your selection


Please Note:

You can also search jobs by ‘Job Titles’, for example; if you are a plumber you may search for a title such as ‘Fix my washing machine’ or ‘Looking for a plumber’ if there are any jobs with such titles that passes all the other filter criteria that you set before search, such jobs will show up in the list.

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