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How to Send Invoices for Hourly Priced Jobs?

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How to Send Invoices for Hourly Priced Jobs?

Once the work has been carried out by yourself, the next process is to send an invoice so you can get paid for it, your client (employer) funded the job after hiring you but places the payment under ‘On Hold Balance’ on your client (employer’s) account you can also see that payment under ‘Work In Progress’ this is done to ensure the safety and security of our network until both parties are satisfied with work as well as the release of their payment transfer. 

Sending an invoice to your client (employer) is very straightforward.

Please follow the steps below to send an invoice on a Fixed Price Job.

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click on ‘My Jobs’

3. Click on ‘Awarded Jobs’ tab located on top of the page

4. Locate the job and under Action column click on the ‘Man Icon’ 

5. Click on ‘Job Payments’ tab

6. Click on ‘Create Invoice’ once the pop up appears fill in the necessary details.

7.  At this stage the invoice is ‘Successfully Created’ however; it’s ‘not yet sent to your client’ (employer). To send the invoice ‘Select the Invoice’ you would like to send by clicking on the ‘Check Box’ located on the left side of the column then click ‘Send Invoice’ button located top right side of the page. 

You done it, your invoice is on it’s way!


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