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Kitchen Fitting Trade Language/Jargon

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Belfast Sink: Also known as a butler sink, a large, deep rectangular sink.

Built-in: Kitchen units or appliances that are physically built into the kitchen structure as part of a whole, rather than separate, freestanding units.

Carcasses: The outer parts of a kitchen unit.

Catch: A mechanism inside a cupboard that keeps the door closed.

Composite Worktop: A worktop constructed of man-made materials.

Cooker Hood: Also known as an extractor hood or fan, an inbuilt fan that hangs above the cooker and removes heat, grease, and particles and vents them outside.

Corner Post: A supporting upright beam at the corner of a set of cabinets.

Cornice: Horizontal moulding running between the walls and ceiling of a room, or at the top of a kitchen wall units.

Downlight: Also known as a recessed light or spotlight, a light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling.

Extractor Fan: Also known as a hood, an inbuilt fan that hangs above the cooker and removes heat, grease, and particles and vents them outside. In bathrooms, extractor fans can fit into the wall or a window to help expel steam. 

Fixing Blocks: Also known as modesty box, used to attach two pieces of wood, such as the top and side of a cupboard, at a 90 degree angle.

Fluted Columns: A column used for decoration or structural support that has vertical grooves cut into it.

Freestanding: A way of designing and constructing a kitchen that leaves all the units and appliances separate, rather than built-in, allowing greater flexibility.

Galley: A type of narrow kitchen with units and appliances in two rows facing each other.

Golden Triangle: Design philosophy referring to the idea that a kitchen should be structured around the position of the sink, oven and fridge.

Handles: The part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled.

Hardware: Collective term for cabinet or drawer knobs and pulls.

Induction Hob: A stove that heats pans through magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction. Only works with certain pots and pans.

Integrated: Kitchen appliances that are fitted into the kitchen, and often hidden behind doors to fit in with other units.

Island: A central unit that stands in the middle of a kitchen, unattached to any other work surfaces.

Kickboard: See “plinth” or check this out for full explanation.

Knobs: An attachment to a cabinet or draw affixed with one point.

MDF: Medium Density Fibreboard. An engineered wood substance, made of wooden fibres combined with resin under high pressure.

MFC: Melamine faced chipboard; resin coated softwood bonded together under high pressure, and used in cabinets and other furniture.

Monoblock Mixer Tap: A single tap which only requires one inlet, mixing water from the hot and cold supply.

Moulded Sink: A sink that forms a continuous part of a larger countertop.

Pelmet: Much like a cornice, but running at the bottom of a set of wall mounted cabinets.

Plinth: Also known as a kickboard. The plinth is the panel that covers the recessed area between the bottom of the base unit and the kitchen floor. The recessed area is known as the toe kick.

Pulls: An attachment to a cabinet or draw affixed with at two or points, also called a handle.

Rail: A method of storage that can be used in a kitchen, such as a towel rail, or rail for hanging utensils. A magnetic rail can be used to hang knives..

Recessed Light: Also known as a downlight or spotlight, a light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling.

Runner: The mechanism inside some drawers that allows the drawer to move in and out along a track.

Snagging: An expression for all the small issues left over at the end of a construction project. Typically a homeowner will identify snags which the tradesman/helper will rectify to complete the job.

Splashback: Glass or tiling behind a sink or stove to protect walls from moisture.

Stove: Either refers to a cooking appliance combining an oven and hobs, or a fuel-burning unit that sits in a fireplace beneath a chimney.

Strip Lights: Long lights, either fluorescent or LED, that can be fitted under cabinets.

Toe Kick: See “plinth”

Wirework: A name that covers a variety of shelving options made up of wire baskets.

Worktop: The flat surface for working on in a kitchen. Also known as a countertop.


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