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Locksmiths Trade Language/Jargon

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Astragal: A type of moulding that is used to cover the gap where two doors meet.

Backplate: A plate that is attached to a door, to which a nightlatch can be fixed.

Bit: The part of the key into which the teeth are cut.

Bolt: A piece of metal which sticks out from the lock mechanism and sits in the keep or strike plate, holding the door in place.

Bow: The end of a key that is held in the fingers.

Cylinder: The central part of a lock containing pins or tumblers, into which the key is entered.

Deadlock: Also known as a deadbolt; a single lock turned by a key which moves a bolt into the latch.

Furniture: Items fitted to the door including handles and plates, door knockers, letterboxes.

Irish Lock Standards EN 1300 : The consumer standard which modern locks should meet. More information can be found here.

Jamb: The vertical part of a door or window frame.

Multi-point Lock: A type of lock mechanism that has more than one locking point, typically found on PVCu doors.

Nightlatch: A type of lock fitted to the inside of a door with a latch on a spring that engages automatically. Commonly referred to as a Yale lock.

Striking Plate: Also know as a striker or keep. A metal plate fixed to the door frame or jamb into which the bolt fits, securing the door.


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