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Picking the right architect to design your home!

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When choosing the right architectural specialist, there are some key issues you need to think about. In this article, we’ll take you through some key facts.

You must write down some key facts about your project!

Before you ask any architectural specialist to visit your home, write down what you’d like the project to achieve – and include as much detail as possible.

We highlight some of the key topics your ‘brief’ to tradesmen should cover:

First, you should describe what you’re hoping to achieve – your ideal situation, not just limited by what you can specifically afford at the time.

That’s because if a homeowner explains what their future aspirations are, a good architect or architectural technician may well be able to ‘future-proof’ that project, factoring in various future possibilities in advance. So for example, rather than saying ‘I want a little kitchen’, be sure to explain that ‘I want a little kitchen, but with the possibility of a bigger dining room attached to it in the future’.Budget is another important thing to include in your brief – so the specialist can come up with realistic suggestions about how to achieve the goals you’ve outlined.

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