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Restoration & Refurbishment Trade Language/Jargon

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Aggregate: Small particles of various crushed stone, rock, or gravel. Often used to refer to any loose building material such as sand, ballast, gravel, etc.

Building Act 1990: The overarching act of legislation that covers all building regulations in Ireland.

Conservation Area: An area designated by the local authority to be of special historical or architectural significance, in which certain developments may be restricted.

Joist: A horizontal beam, made of metal or wood, which can support a ceiling, wall or floor.

Lintel: A horizontal beam supporting a wall above a door or window.

Second Fix: Items installed after plastering has been completed, such as plug sockets, radiators and doors.

Sleeper Wall: A low wall that supports ground floor joists.

Snagging: An expression for all the small issues left over at the end of a construction project. Typically a homeowner will identify snags which the tradesman will rectify to complete the job.

Stud Partition: A non-load bearing dividing wall, made of a timber frame covered in plaster board.


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