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Roofing Trade Language/Jargon

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Conservation Area: An area designated by the local authority to be of special historical or architectural significance, in which certain developments may be restricted.

Dormer: A type of framed window which projects vertically though a sloping roof.

Down Pipe: A plastic, cast iron or steel pipe which takes rain water away from gutterings to drains.

Eaves: The lower edges of a sloping roof where the first tiles of slates are laid into the fascia board.

Flashing: A strip of metal, typically lead or zinc, used where elements of a roof meet, to protect the joints from water damage.

Gable: The triangular section of wall underneath a sloping roof.

Gutter: A trough that directs water from the eaves to the down pipes.

Mono-pitch Roof: A roof which slopes in one direction.

Parapet: A low wall that extends above the roofline of a building.

Pitch: Also known as slope, the angle or steepness of a roof.

Rafter: A sloping beam that forms the main structure of a roof.

Ridge: The apex or highest point of a pitched roof where the slopes meet.

Soffit Board: A panel fixed to the lower end of rafters underneath the eaves of a house.

Underlay: A layer of material laid between a covering and a sub-structure – for example between a carpet and the floorboards beneath it.


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