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Stonemasonry Trade Language/Jargon

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Capstone: A finishing stone that forms the top of a column or wall.

Chisel: Metal tool with a sharp blade, used for cutting and shaping wood, brick or stone.

Coping: A flat stone used as a cap on walls or around the perimeter of patios, pools and ponds etc.

Dry Stack: Also called stack or stacked stone, a system of building withour mortar or without visible mortar.

Fieldstone: A type of stone that is not quarried but instead gathered from the ground, often used for its decorative aspects.

Flagstone: Any large, flat stone used for paving and patios.

Keystone: A wedge-shaped stone at the top of arch which holds the structure in place.

Mallet: A hammer with a wooden or rubber head, used if metal would damage the object being hit.

Quoin: Both the corner of a wall, and the particular blocks used to make up the corner, sometimes only there for decorative purposes.

Stone cladding: A thin layer of real or simulated stone applied to a building to give a stone effect.


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