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Tiling Trade Language/Jargon

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Adhesive: Material used to attach a tile to the surface it is being added to.

Buttering: The spreading of adhesive on a tile.

Caulk: A waterproof material used for sealing joints.

Cove: A concave edge on a tile, used for tiles that will form the edge of a wall or floor and form a join with another tiled surface.

Epoxy Adhesive / Grout: A two part adhesive system for tiles, made up of epoxy resin and epoxy hardener.

Grout: A substance that fills the joints between tiles, made up of cement, silica sand and other chemicals.

Mastic: Term used for some high-grade adhesives and sealants.

Spacer: Small plastic pieces that are used to evenly separate tiles while they are placed.

Substrate: A prepared area under a ceramic tile installation.


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