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What Are Service Areas and How to Add Them?

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Service areas are the areas you would like to cover as a worker by providing your services in those specific areas.

Why is it important to select service areas? 

The reason you are asked to select your service areas is due to the fact that we match the right jobs along with your skills and location.

How does match jobs?

The algorithm designed for works like this:

1. Employer posts a job along with the ‘Skills’ required to complete that particular job.

2. Our algorithm can ‘Identify the Skills’ posted in the job along with the ‘County’ and ‘Area Location’ before looking for possible matches for that job. 

3. When our algorithm spots a worker that matches the ‘Skill + County + Area Location’ the employer is seeking it sends that job alert to that matched worker.

How to add service areas?

In order to add service areas please follow the steps below:

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click on ‘My Profile’ (located in the left menu)

3. On the left side of the page click the ‘edit icon’ right beside feedback rating

4. Under ‘Service Areas’ click the ‘Drop Down Menu’ to add your Service Areas

5. Once finished click on ‘Submit’ and you’re all done 


Please Note:

You only need to add ‘Service Areas’ once as long as you do not move to a ‘Different City/County’. If you have moved your address within the ‘Same City/County’ you only need to update ‘Your Area’ and not the service areas.

However, if you have moved to a ‘New City / County’ for example Dublin to Kildare you will need to ‘Update your City / County’ along with your ‘Area in that City / County’ and your ‘Service Areas within that New City / County’ so our algorithm can successfully match the right relevant jobs with you.

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