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What electrical work must be notified to Building Control?

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Not all electrical work needs to be notified to your Local Authority’s Building Control. The table below lists the most common locations in the home and whether or not electrical works taking place within these locations require Building Regulations Part P notification.

If you are in doubt about what electrical work needs to be notified, contact your Local Authority’s Building Control department.

Notifiable (Yes No)

Domestic Location

(where electrical work is to be carried out)

Minor Works

(extensions or modifications to circuits)

Major Works

(new circuits)

Bathrooms yes yes
Bedrooms no yes
Bedrooms containing a shower or basin yes yes
Overhead heating yes yes
Communal area of flats yes yes
Computer cabling no no
Conservatories no yes
Dining rooms no yes
Extra low voltage lights yes yes
Garden lighting yes yes
Garden power yes yes
Greenhouses yes yes
Hallways no yes
Integrated garages no yes
Kitchen yes yes
Kitchen diners yes yes
Landings no yes
Lounges no yes
Remote buildings yes yes
Remote garages yes yes
Remote workshops no yes
Saunas yes yes
Sheds yes yes
Shower rooms yes yes
Small scale generators yes yes
Solar power systems yes yes
Stairways no yes
Studies no yes
Swimming pools yes yes
Telephone cabling no no
TV rooms no yes
Underfloor heating yes yes



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