Thinking of home renovation? Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

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Thinking of home renovation? Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

Home renovation is something every Irish homeowner goes through at some point whether its upgrading the kitchen, getting in a new bathroom or redesigning the home layout.

With renovation you can add more space or remodel in order to add more functionality to your house.

The though of initial results of renovation or remodeling are exciting, you still need to consider several factors before you start to ensure that you can complete your project successfully and exactly the way you envisioned.

In this post we will cover top five things you must avoid while remodeling your home.

1. Attempting to do everything yourself

Thinking of remodeling your entire house on your own? Well… Think again!

It is possible but not practical for you to do everything by yourself.

Before you start renovation, your understanding of the skills and experiences required to execute the project is going to make all the difference between getting your job done versus hitting a major road block and facing disaster.

For example, changing a light fixture isn’t just about ripping out the old one and installing the new one.

You need to understand your electrical systems before you can even touch the light fixture as it may be extremely dangerous if not life threatening when handled incorrectly.

Bring in the experts and professionals to help you complete your project.

Thinking of home renovation Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

2. Underestimating the costs

You may have decided on a budget and then applied for a home renovation loan, or you may have saved a few bobs that you thought would be needed to get the job done.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that you can get everything done within that budget.

You may encounter a number of unforeseen circumstances during the remodeling of your home, like the bedroom design getting changed at the last minute or prices of the chosen materials may go up.

Keep at least 15 to 20 percent extra in reserves to cover such unexpected expenses, and apply for the loan accordingly.

Thinking of home renovation Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

3. Not hiring the right professional

Talking of professionals, you need to hire the right one for your job (no cowboys).

Choose someone who is reputed, licensed and with plenty of references, basically someone expert in their line of work.

You cannot settle for the first professional you come across either; take your time to conduct your research and once you’re comfortable pick someone who is a good fit for your job.

It is imperative that the worker understands your remodeling/renovation vision this will ensure that job will be done to your satisfaction.

Ask as many questions as you want to get a better understanding of the worker.

Thinking of home renovation Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

4. Buying cheap appliances

Whether its remodeling or home renovation both can be pricey but buying cheap appliances is not the way you want to cut down your expenses.

Cheaper appliances will get damaged sooner than the quality ones and their constant repair costs will eventually surpass.

This can easily be avoid by ensuring that you buy energy-efficient and durable appliances over other unnecessary and non-functional home accessories.

Thinking of home renovation Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

5. Ignoring the Most-Used Rooms

Not focusing and therefore not investing in rooms that are the heart of your home such as the living room and the kitchen could be a huge mistake.

You should prioritize such areas and ensure that they are functional and up-to-date.

Focusing on your bedrooms and kitchen design will also increase the resale value of you house.

Once you renovate the most-used rooms, you can move onto the other areas of your house such as bathrooms as they would also add an extra value to your property.

The renovation doesn’t have to be too fancy or expensive.

Just replacing the outdated tiles, putting in fancy and trendy fixtures, and changing the colors of the walls should do the trick.

Thinking of home renovation Top 5 mistakes to avoid!

# BONUS TIP: Going for the lowest quote

Hiring someone who gave the lowest quote can be tempting but it may also come with workers having low work experience, low-quality materials and overall unsatisfactory performance.

Compromising on the quality of home improvement may monetarily hurt you in the long run.


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